Dahlia Stein, a native born San Franciscan with dual citizenship (German and American) is currently working as a professional in Berlin.  Dahlia, proficient in both English and German, has had international working experiences both in the US and Germany and is currently working with a variety of clients in the renewable energy sector.

Her previous jobs entail experience in the hospitality, banking, solar and trade industries. She was the Senior Manager at the German American Chamber of Commerce (GACC) in San Francisco where she focused mainly on PR, marketing, events and business development. Since her departure from the GACC she has been working in Berlin consulting for various companies such as Berlin Partner GmbH (Berlin’s Economic Development Agency), Apricum GmbH, Solarpraxis AG and Solaria Germany GmbH (the subsidiary of Solaria Corporation based in Silicon Valley).

With her ability and know-how as a self-employed consultant, Dahlia is able to support and work with companies to offer a variety of services. She has an excellent set of contacts and references both in California and Germany and is able to successfully execute projects in both locations.